Joseph Hui Web Portfolio

Video Reel

My video reel; this reel consists of several short films both done on my own and for clients, as well as promotional videos for clients and a reality docu-series that spotlighted eateries in LA.

The videos shown were all produced, directed and edited by myself.

Photoshop Samples

An original photograph shot by me on an SLR, shot for my short film that I touched up in Photoshop to be the still frame poster on Youtube.

The bottom picture is the finished result changing the shot from day to night and creating an eerie atmosphere.


An original photograph shot on an iPhone by myself and then touched up adding some depth of field in post.

The background was made black and white and the work was done in Photoshop with color correction done with Snapseed.


I built this website that promotes short film culture on the web. The subject matter is that of horror films and it is also host to several of my own horror films. The design of this banner was done by myself with a production still from one of the short films that I was a director on.